hey i'm winston

and i have so many questions

i work as a web engineer for Vox Media. i read a lot for fun and to help me better understand and interrogate our world. this web-blog is where i chronicle some of my learning.

omg have you seen?

linkblogging is still a thing, right?

  • Governing Magazine

    A free (including print!) magazine all about the world of governance; local to national. You’ll learn lots about the impacts and considerations of policy decisions around the US.

  • Why is this happening?

    Chris Hayes’ podcast is one of two I regularly listen to. He has ridiculously smart guests and goes deep and nerdy with them on their subjects of expertise.

  • The First and Fifteenth

    An ever insightful newsletter from Dr. Tressie McMillan Cottom, one of my favorite writers working today.

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