I currently have availibility for ~10 hours a week on interesting moonlighting work—diving into projects where I can use my extensive experience to work on projects that need maintainable, accessible work done on relatively short timelines. I use these projects to fund adventures with my kids.

If you have current needs, reach out! I'd love to help determine whether my skills will be helpful with your specific needs. I charge hourly but if the project is well scoped I can work with you on set project price. I have built my career by only committing to deadlines or projects I was sure I could accomplish and I have no interest in threatening that record.

Email me to get in touch!

Types of projects I can be helpful with:

  • Updates to marketing sites
  • Accesible build-outs of existing designs
  • Remediation of sites with accessibility violations
  • Moving legacy sites to more modern tooling
  • Figuring out how to change a thing on a website that you still have the login for but haven't touched in awhile
  • Performance auditing your site and working to make it faster
  • Refactoring a bunch of javascript

Types of projects I will not be helpful with:

  • Building out a cool app for equity
  • Designing sites from scratch
  • Anything project that promotes fossil fuels
  • Working for facebook

Most recently finished

hey I'm winston. i work as a product manager for Vox Media. i read a lot for fun and to help me better understand and interrogate our world. this web-blog is where i chronicle some of my learning. I also write a book recommendation newsletter.