• Cover for Milkman


    by Anna Burns

    Copyright 2018, Graywolf Press


“Of course there was the big one, the bigest reason for not marrying the right spouse. If you married that one , the one you loved and desired and who loved and desired you back, with the union provin true and good and replete with the most fulfilling happiness, well, what if this wonderful spouse didn’t fall out of love with you, or you with them, and neither of you either, got killed in the political problems? All those joyful evers and infinites? Are you sure, really really sure, you could cope with the prospects of that? The community decided that no, it couldn’t. Great and sustained happiness was far too much to ask of it. That was why marrying in doubt, marrying in guilt, marrying in regret, in fear, in despair, in blame, also in terrible self-sacrifice was pretty much the unspoken matrimonial requisite here.”

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