Boy Snow Bird

Readers should be warned that this book introduces a thread of transphobia in the last 20 pages of the book that is not interrogated or problematized, and indeed seems to be promoted as deserved.

Speaking with spiders and other things you call unusual… there’s no special trick to it. When something catches your attention just keep your attention on it, stick with it ’til the end, and somewehre along the line there’ll be weirdness. I’ve never tried to explain it to anyone before, but what I mean to say is that a whole lot of technically impossible things are always trying to happen to us, appear to us, talk to us, show us pictures, or just say hi, and you can’t pay attention to all of it, so I just pick the nearest technically impossible thing and I let it happen. Let me know how it goes if you try it. And if you’re thinking I’m going to grow out of this, you’re wrong. (pp 237, 238)

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