Book Recs

My most recommended books across various topics.

  • Disability and Access

    The world we live in broadly assumes that all humans have the same abilities and capacity. These books recognize that is ableist bullshit and imagine other possibilities.

    Cover for A Disability History of the United States
    Cover for Building Access: Universal Design and the Politics of Accessibility
    Cover for Care Work
    Cover for Accessible America
    Cover for Designing Disability
    Cover for Disability Visibility
  • Machine Learning

    Machine learning—broadly known as AI—has been rapidly adopted by the tech industry to automate/handle all sorts of tasks. What this list suggests is, maybe that's bad?

    Cover for Artificial Unintelligence
    Cover for All Data Are Local
    Cover for Weapons of Math Destruction
    Cover for You Look Like a Thing and I Love You
    Cover for Studying Those Who Study Us
    Cover for Algorithms of Oppression