A small benediction

2018 was a motherfucker. 2018 left scars. 2018 has ended but trends do not appear to be changing anytime soon.

May we all survive again.

May we all work harder to clearly understand this broken world we have engineered, poisoned, carelessly colonized. May we always question who exactly “we” is.

May we recognize our entanglements, and work to understand which are toxic and which can sustain us. May we find the courage to prune, deconstruct, burn, abolish the things that will limit our future. May we find the patience, hope, wisdom to nurture, maintain, protect, create the things that we will need to see a future that is better for everyone.

In 2019, may we fight to retain our full humanity. May we love those those around us deeply and seek to diminish the harm we cause those we are entangled with.

from a small needful fact

continue to grow, continue to do what such plants do, like house and feed small and necessary creatures, like being pleasant to touch and smell, like converting sunlight into food, like making it easier for us to breathe.

happy new year.

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