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  • Seeing Like a Tech Company

    Seeing Like a State examines the hubris of High Modernist ideology in state schemes, but I see in it the ongoing work of the tech industry.

  • Message to Chattanooga City Council

    Defund the police

  • Bernie is not an Organizer

    I’ve struggled to make sense of the argument that Bernie will be the Organizer in Chief because I can’t find any evidence that he’s doing the work of organizing.

  • A Different Journalism

    Lewis Raven Wallace argues in The View from Somewhere that for journalists, "standing to the side of history is impossible when we are the ones writing it."

  • You Were Cool

    Marking the passage of time by thinking about John Darnielle lyrics (among other things).

  • Non-fiction reading in 2019

    In 2019 I read 73 books; the most I've read in a single year possibly in my entire life.

  • A Benediction for 2020

    My tradition is to write a small benediction for each new year. This is 2020's.