A Benediction for 2020

2019 was not what one might describe as “fun”; any personal triumps happened in the midst of

—in spite of—

ongoing systemic injustices and climate catastrophe and concentration camps and people holding power who work daily to further institutionalize these horrors.

January fucking first changes nothing.

thus, in 2020

May we find the many who are doing the good work and join in solidarity with them

May we work to extinguish the fires threatening the beautiful and just and healing projects so many have labored to build

May we gleefully torch the rotten and domineering structures that prevent us from moving forward, and dance with joyful abandon around them as they fall

May we find the new growth that our fires release and cultivate it with care

May we act with the urgency necessary for the problems we face, while not mistaking urgency as a justification to continue to ignore the many wisdoms, knowledges, and voices that have long been dismissed and destroyed in our future-building work

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