Why I Don't Have a Good Personal Site

If you give a developer a domain, they’re going to want to host a site on it. But where should they host it? They’re probably going to need to do some research on hosting. But they can’t decide on hosting until they figure out how they’re building the site. They are really familiar with this framework but since they have full control maybe they should experiment with this other framework.

You know what, maybe they should push that decision and just start building the site. Backend be damned. If they’re going to build a site, they’re going to need to start with the mobile design because MOBILE FIRST. But you know, before they can start figuring out the layout on Mobile, they should definitely choose fonts for the site, and since they have a Typekit account, it’s going to take a long time to decide on fonts. Actually, come to think of it, they’ve been meaning to brush up on their understanding of typography because fuck comic sans and fuck helvetica and fuck uneducated decisions. They should probably understand what exactly makes a good reading font and a good headline font and which fonts kern best on the web and what the hell kerning actually is.

Oh but after the fonts have been chosen, they can’t yet dive into layout because what about color. What about color indeed. They have begun to understand color theory but definitely they are still in the Dunning-Kruger zone of knowing enough to feel confident so clearly more investigation is necessary.

But come to think of it, if the developer chose fonts and colors, how can they be sure that they are the right fonts and colors for the site, if they haven’t worked out what exactly is going on the site. Of course, they realize (maybe a few weeks into the process?), Mobile-first for actual development, Content-first for the design. So now they need to figure out the Content.

But if they aren’t trained in content strategy, they will probably get distracted when writing the content by attempting to figure out how it’s going to be presented. And maybe the presentation could involve this cool new code thing they learned recently. Oh but, hmm, that code thing might not work because it was aimed at desktop browsers only and the post didn’t take into account responsiveness.

Come to think of it, if they are going full-responsive, should the content be written the same across all platforms or should it be designed to make sense when parts are hidden? Maybe, for the sake of time, they should just keep the content the same across devices/breakpoints/contexts for time’s sake. Because maybe time is lacking?

Lacking time… that seems like a thing since the thought to make this site began in March… of 2013 and it’s now March of 2014 and the developer has definitely had at least 12 whole hours since then dedicated to this site.

But these questions are nearly answered, maybe, so they can finally start on the code. This part will be easy! All they need is a style guide and to figure out how much javascript is needed or if this will mostly be…

Oh no.

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